May 31, 2020

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More fake evidence that Israel smuggles wild boar to the Palestinians

Palestine Today has an article on the scourge of wild boars decimating the farms of Arabs, and of course they blame Israel as they’ve done many times before.

It quotes an agricultural expert in the Agricultural Development Association as saying that before 1967 wild boar were almost non-existent in the West Bank, so no one saw any of them.  Only at the end of the last century, he says, did  “the occupation forces” bring in large numbers of wild boars – and snakes – by trucks, and unloaded them in the West Bank – according to Palestinian witnesses – in a forest near the Israeli settlements.

I had never heard that Israel imports snakes before. I also never heard that wild boars were unheard of before 1967, so I did a little research.

From the Palestine Exploration Fund Quarterly Statement, 1883 (snippet from Google Books):

From another edition that same year:

Near the most eastern part of the oasis, where the ground is unusually soft, we saw the footprints of wild boar, ibex, gazelle, jackal, and many partridges. 

A snake is also mentioned in that report. 

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