February 29, 2024

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More bogus claims of "settlers" cutting down Palestinian trees – on Shabbat


The official Palestinian Wafa news agency says:

 Settlers continued for the third day in a row, cutting down trees in the lands of Al-Khader, south of Bethlehem , raising the number of trees that were targeted cutting to 780 trees.

The youth activist in Al-Khader, Emad Da`dou, told our correspondent that today, Saturday, the settlers cut down 200 vine trees in the “Fagur” area belonging to Mohammed Ibrahim Abu Al-Kata’a .

All of the Jewish communities near Al Khader are religious – Givat Eitam, Givat HaDagan, Givat Hatamar.

The residents there would not be cutting down trees or vines on the Sabbath.

The photo that accompanies this story in one local Palestinian news site shows what are obviously pruned olive trees, not destroyed or uprooted trees.

The lies continue.

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