April 23, 2019

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Major Egyptian news site asks "How do Jews think?" Answer: Jews are liars.


Youm7, a major Egyptian newspaper, has a column that asks “How do the Jews think … and how do they achieve their goals?”

The article is helpfully illustrated with a picture of a Jewish family on an outing in a park.
I’m not quite sure what goals the “Jews” have, but I think it has to do with world domination.
The question is answered:
…. Over the years, the Jews became increasingly deceptive and despotic, in addition to their tyranny and domination over the Palestinian state.

But despite the passage of all those years we did not think .. What is the secret of the superiority of the Jews?

Is it because of Western support for them? , Or perhaps their minds are full of deception? Or that there are other reasons and elements that are the reason for their superiority and strength?

The answer to this question may not be easy, but we have seen over the years that allows us to understand what the secret of their strength and they own [the unity] that is missing some Arab countries, for example, “Zionist lobby”  knows its goal  and did not differ whatever their motives and personal conflicts, Their main goal is to establish a Jewish state and the goal after its establishment is to preserve and expand it, and this is why they are currently seeking to control Palestinian Jerusalem.

…It is also known that Jews follow all dirty means to reach their goals.

Also it is known that the Jews resort to political and physical liquidation if they do not find what they are looking for according to their interests .. Just as they did with Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and tried to assassinate him, and try to kill Jesus peace be upon him…they are working to bring down any politician or employee in an intelligence service who is not a supporter of the Jewish state, as they did with Jewish nuclear expert Vanunu who was kidnapped, tried and imprisoned for leaking the secrets of the Jewish nuclear program with a British newspaper.

Thus, the Jews use all illegitimate methods or twisted dirty tricks to reach their goals and rely on lies and deception in their dealings. ,This is not like the Arabs, but will we remain steadfast in front of their tricks.

Nah, nothing antisemitic about this. Move on.

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