December 13, 2019

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Linda Sarsour’s blood and soil (Petra Marquardt-Bigman)

 By Petra Marquardt-Bigman

I always thought that talk about blood and soil has a really bad ring to it ever since the Nazis used it to express some of their core beliefs. But I was obviously mistaken: it’s progressive. You don’t have to take my word for it – here’s Linda Sarsour: “I am honored and grateful to God that he chose to let this Palestinian blood run through my veins. A blood of a courageous, determined and resilient people” who “have EVERY right to fight for their land.”

And needless to say, Linda Sarsour fully supports Palestinians fighting “for their land” by trying to storm the border between Gaza and Israel…

It’s hard to know what exactly Linda Sarsour has in mind when she is sending her “Palestinian sisters and brothers … gratitude for their sacrifices.” Maybe she’s grateful that they haven’t yet revolted against Hamas? After all, the Hamas leader has given one of those speechesthat should really please someonewhose “Arab pride was hurt” when the ruthless Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was captured.

When you regard Saddam Hussein as a mistreated hero and are so immensely proud of the “Palestinian blood” running through your veins it must sound wonderful to hear: “We will take down the border with Israel and we will tear the Israelis’ hearts out of their bodies!” Though for some reason, Linda Sarsour had nothing to say about this speech, or the Palestinian Nazi flag, in the two posts she put on her Facebook page since then. Maybe she’s too modest to talk all the time about how proud she is? Oh, and she was also too modest to mention the chantsof “Remember Khaybar, O Jews. Muhammad’s army will return.”

In any case, you may have heard that a senior adviser to Mahmoud Abbas had some very strong words of condemnationfor the violent show Hamas is putting on, accusing the terror group of “deliberately sending Gazan civilians to their deaths to grab good headlines.”

But Linda Sarsour doesn’t quite see it this way. In her most recent post, she passionately decries “the inhumanity in the continued assault, dehumanization and murder of Palestinians who have every right to mobilize for dignity on their own land;” she also calls on her followers to “say a prayer for these souls” – meaning those who were killed while trying to storm the border. And she adds: “More important than that – speak truth to power and do not let anyone dictate what your eyes clearly see for themselves.”

Okay then, my eyes clearly see for themselves that Linda Sarsour wants her followers to “say a prayer” for more than a dozen terrorists.

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