July 23, 2024

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Liberal rabbis, defending Sarsour, say terrorist Rasmea Odeh may be innocent


The New York Daily News has an op-ed by rabbis Ellen Lippman and Barat Ellman, fully supporting Linda Sarsour’s activities and defending her from accusations of antisemitism and supporting terror.

How they treat and downplay the most damning piece of evidence of Sarsour’s support for murderers shows how intellectually dishonest Sarsour’s supporters are:

Still others point to her friendship with and support of Rasmea Odeh, who was convicted of involvement in a 1970 supermarket bombing in Israel that killed two people. They ignore Odeh’s claim that she was tortured and coerced into confessing guilt, a contention worth exploring.

This is simply disgusting.

There is overwhelming evidence of Odeh’s guilt, not the least from her friend bragging about it in a film that is sympathetic to Palestinian terrorists..

There is also overwhelming evidence that Odeh was not tortured, as she confessed only one day after her arrest, not after “25 days of torture” as she claims.

Legal Insurrection has the entire story of Odeh in great detail, and no one can credibly claim that she is not a terrorist after reading that. She herself admits another attempted terrorist bombing, of the British Consulate.

Lippman and Ellman care more about supporting those who would destroy Israel than the truth. More sickeningly, they give credibility to proven terrorists over justice system of the State of Israel, whose trial of Odeh was transparent and fair, even according to the ICRC.

Sarsour is a supporter of Odeh, and therefore a supporter of terror. This is to be expected.

But Lippman and Ellman are more perverse, They are Jews who are willing to spit on the memories of Edward Joffe and Leon Kanner, the two people Odeh murdered in the 1969 supermarket attack, in order to show support for a person who supports terror (and Shari’a law, and the destruction of Israel, and who claims that feminists cannot be Zionist…)

These “rabbis” don’t give a damn about the facts of the case. They will support their anti-Israel friend no matter what, and the evidence that she explicitly supports a proven and convicted terrorist – who has admitted belonging to a terror group and the attempted British Consulate bombing – is just something to be swatted away with an airy “oh, maybe she’s innocent, the evil Israelis probably tortured her into confession” – an accusation with no merit or an iota of proof.

They are beneath contempt.

Joffe and Kanner

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