April 7, 2020

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Khamenei to Europe: if you don’t buy MORE Iranian oil, we will enrich uranium


From Al Jazeera:

Iran’s supreme leader has set out conditions for Tehran to stay in its nuclear deal with world powers, including steps by to be taken by European banks to safeguard trade with Tehran after the US withdrawal from the deal.

European powers must continue buying crude oil, protect Iranian oil sales from US pressure and promise to not seek new negotiations on Iran’s ballistic missile programme and Middle East activities, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s official website said on Wednesday.

“European banks should safeguard trade with the Islamic Republic. We do not want to start a fight with these three countries [France, Germany and Britain], but we don’t trust them either,” Khamenei said.

“Europe should fully guarantee Iran’s oil sales. In case Americans can damage our oil sales … Europeans should make up for that and buy Iranian oil.”

He warned if the Europeans did not meet these demands, Iran would resume its enrichment of uranium, halted under the deal to minimise the risk of Tehran developing the means to build nuclear weapons.

Khamenei isn’t demanding that Europe continue buying Iranian oil, but that it increases its purchases to make up for any shortfall from the US.

Or else.


The UK, France and Germany should pledge not to seek negotiations on Iran’s ballistic missile programme and regional activities, both demanded by Washington

A pledge to not even bring up an issue that can directly threaten the capitals of Europe!

Khamenei knows that the EU wants to do anything to keep the deal – they’ve pretty much said so – so it is only logical that he adds demand upon demand.

Europe should really learn how bargaining works in a souk. Because right now, not only are they eagerly willing to accept the initial price of the item, they are happy to allow the seller to raise his prices – and for the shopkeeper to threaten them if they don’t buy it.

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