March 22, 2019

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Just a little cognitive dissonance for those who think Israel is anti-Muslim

From CNN:

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Danish capital of Copenhagen wearing burqas and other face veils Wednesday to protest a law against facial coverings, saying the legislation oppresses some Muslim women and violates their rights.
Denmark joins several other European nations restricting face coverings. France banned the full face veil in 2011, while Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and parts of Switzerland have restrictions in place. Other European countries have debated the issue.

If these liberal Western European countries ban the burqa, then doesn’t that mean that Israel is more tolerant and liberal than they are? Doesn’t this sort of destroy the argument, especially in wake of the Nation State law, that Israel is bigoted against its Muslim population?

(I actually agree that the burqa should be banned for safety as well as human rights reasons, but not other Muslim headcoverings. )

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