March 22, 2019

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Jordanian politicians insist that Palestinians in Jordan be treated as second class citizens

It is instructive to see how Jordanian politicians justify their support for UNRWA in that country.

The two million Palestinians in Jordan who use UNRWA services – of whom the vast majority are full Jordanian citizens – are being told that they are expected one day to “return” to Israel, and therefore they should not get too comfortable in Jordan.

Yahya al-Saud, head of the Palestine Committee in the Jordanian parliament, gave various bogus reasons for why UNRWA should exist in Jordan.

“Jordan is no longer able to bear more burdens because of the various waves of asylum it has hosted,” he said, the latest of which was Syrian asylum, which exceeded 1.3 million refugees.

But the Palestinians have been in Jordan for 70 years. They are citizens. Jordan is paying a great deal of money for the Syrian refugees, who are in real need – and who aren’t citizens. In other words, Jordanian citizens of Palestinian origin are a lower priority to Jordan than Syrian refugees.

What a great message to send them!

The official stressed that “the Jordanian state will not be a substitute for any services provided by UNRWA.”

Because some Jordanian citizens aren’t really Jordanian.

And they are reminded of their tenuous status every single day.

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