February 20, 2019

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Jordanian newspaper: "Oh Netanyahu, you Jewish dog, oh Trump, you Roman dog"


An op-ed in the JordanZad news site reacts to the news that the US Treasury Department has put Hamas leader  Ismail Haniyeh on its list of Specially Designated Nationals on its list of terrorists.

The entire Islamic nation looks upon this stupid American step with fury , because Ismail Haniyeh is a legitimate religious and ideological leader whose standing is equal to that of the heroic martyr Saddam Hussein in the eyes of the Arabs and Muslims. He conducted many wars against the Zionist enemy and he is a great leader…and he is the one who will determine the timing of the next battle. Tel-Aviv should expect a good dose of rockets, such that compared to it, the rockets of Saddam – with all their importance – are a game, nothing more. Haniyeh’s slogan is “Khaybar, Khaybar oh Jews, the army of Muhammad will return”, and tomorrow is close for those who wait for it, oh Netanyahu, you Jewish dog, and Trump, you Roman dog. 

The phrase “you Roman dog” comes from a story about a Muslim woman who started a war by claiming that a Jew pulled her hijab:
ONCE a Muslim woman was teased by Jews in the Jewish quarter of what was then Byzantine bordering the Muslim empire. The Jews pulled at her ‘hijab’ and mocked her in a most ignoble manner. 
She cried and wrote to the Caliph addressing him in her letter, “Ya Mu’tasimah!” (Al-Mu’tasim Billah of the Abbasid Dynasty, 794-842 AD) and told him of what had happened. When the Caliph heard of this news, he was so outraged he dropped the cup of water he was drinking. 
Immediately, Caliph Mu’tasim wrote back to the Roman Emperor of Byzantine, saying: “Ya kalb ar-Rum! (Oh you Roman dog!) I have an army of men that stretch from where I stand (Baghdad) to where you stand (Constantinople), who love to fight and die as much as your men love to live.” 
He then commanded to deploy a massive army to retaliate against the Romans.

Notice how the writer still thinks of Saddam Hussein as a hero.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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