August 14, 2020

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Jordanian columnist warns that the Khazar theory would still allow Mizrahi Jews to claim Israel

In what is apparently an editing error, a few paragraphs about Jews were tacked on to an article in Jordan’s Al Ghad about the #MeToo movement in the West.

 In their rejection of Israel, some writers and politicians, the most recent of whom is Mahmoud Abbas, resorting to denying Israel to the Jews of Israel, saying they are descendants of the Khazars (Turks) and thus have no old connection to Palestine to return to.

What is the value of these words in fact? Does it mean – and perhaps it means – that if they were descendants of Jacob (Israel) we should welcome them and accept the rape of our homeland and displacement of our people?

What is the value of this talk? 

We hate all Jews equally, says Al Ghad – why distinguish between the Khazars and the non-Khazars?

(h/t/ Ibn Boutros)

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