May 22, 2024

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Jordanian columnist threatens Jews with another Holocaust

Jordan’s Ammon News reports that Israeli pundit Ehud Yaari scolded the Jordanians who oppose the gas deal with Israel, noting that if they are so anti-Israel they should boycott the water that Israel provides to Jordan under existing agreements.

This upset Adnan al-Roussan so much that he wrote a hugely antisemitic op-ed about it, named “O Jordanians, do not drink Jewish waters.”


This dung beetle (Yaari) graciously lets the Jordanians drink from the water of the Jordan River which belongs to Jordan and the Jordanians and not Israel, even though the policies of Balfour and the government of Her Royal Highness the Queen of England wanted the Jordan River to be Israeli and that the Jews graciously let the Arab Muslim Jordanian drink from its water, which they often give us mixed with the sewage of the riffraff that are the settlers…

The Jordanians have been here for a million years or more, while you, oh terrorist nobodies Jews have been here for only a few decades. Your state will disappear very soon Allah willing and your nukes, the UK and the US will not protect you. The water that you diverted and stole from the Jordan River is our water, and the Tiberias Sea (i.e. the Sea of Galilee) is our sea by virtue of the UN resolutions. The one who graciously gives the other is us, oh filthy worthless Jews.

Your falsified terrorist religion, the religion of Sherlock, the Merchant of Venice,  is not the same as the religion of Moses, peace be upon him.

You are not worth enough to scold the Jordanian people, you would be too low for us to answer you, if you wouldn’t constantly act like mad dogs and often bite the hands that act kindly towards you. But that is the nature of the Jew, which has been well-known throughout history. The Jordanians will regain their rights with their hands, and you will pay the price sometime, as you did in Khaibar and in Germany. Jewish terror will not last long, the Jordanians are coming and they will be the vanguard of those who will teach the [Jew] ‘Yahud’ Yaari  and his kind a lesson ….

This is the illustration al-Roussan used in his Facebook post of the article:

Text: “Terror – Israel, producer of terror.”

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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