May 25, 2019

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Jordan says it foiled massive terror plot

From Ammon News:

The General Intelligence Department foiled a massive terrorist scheme after it conducted an intensive and accurate follow-up operation and a preemptive effort, planned by a Daesh-backed cell during Nov. 2017.

The said cell arranged to carry out a trove of terrorist operations synchronously aimed to tamper with national security and ignite havoc and intimation among citizens.

The early intelligence follow-up endeavors led to the apprehension of 17 plotters involved in this heinous operation and seized rifles and other materials prepared to be used in the hideous plan.

No details are given, but it shows that even Jordan has bigger problems than to worry about the Palestinian issue – except to make sure that it is solved somehow for the kingdom’s own stability.

But Jerusalem is a distraction, not the core issue.

Objectively speaking, a Palestinian capital in Ramallah while Jordan has a say on the Muslim holy places in Jerusalem would be King Abdullah’s ideal situation.

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