May 27, 2018

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J-Street Haggadah anything but "pro-Israel"

J-Street, along with some other leftist groups, released another Haggadah that proves yet again that they are anything but “pro-Israel.”

The Haggadah does not symbolize a celebration but an apology (or worse) for Israel’s very existence. Excerpts:

[Israel]  is mighty in arms, but iniquitous in its treatment of its neighbors, the Palestinians, and too much driven by greed rather than justice in economic and political life.

The Haggadah reminds us that the Land of Israel is not promised to us by inheritance or by right, for our forefathers were idolaters in Babylon. Canaan is not the inheritance-land of our forefathers, and we have a connection to this Land only by dint of God’s promise to Abraham who, God attests, will command his children “to do righteousness and justice”. This is indeed an eternal covenant, but it is always conditional on our moral behavior.

The next time an Israeli leader speaks of Amalek, remember the Rabbis’ hysterical fantasies. 

Many of the people of the land fled before the armies of Israel and became refugees abroad. Their brethren were defeated once and again, and those who remained behind in the land became like slaves under Israel. And the heart of some of the Israelites hardened and they say: This is the will of the God of Jacob. And we, in this evening of the Festival of Freedom, say: our freedom is no freedom unless it is a freedom shared by the other people that dwells in the land of Zion. And Al-Quds became their holy one, Palestine their dominion. Let both peoples celebrate their liberty in their fatherland, and peace shall come onto the land.

The subjugators are subjugated no less than their slaves. The subjugation of another people is also self-subjugation. A long period of subjugating others is liable to lead to the most terrible of all, the striking down of the first-born, the fall of an entire generation. “In every single generation one must see oneself as though one has come out of Egypt”: We must come out of the Egypt of the subjugated and out of the Egypt of the subjugators. We must rescue our others and ourselves. We must liberate and thus be liberated. We must cry out to the pharaoh within us: LET OUR PEOPLES GO!

Oppressors are oppressed, beaters are beaten When will this madness finally end? And what’s become different for you, what has changed? I have changed, I’ve become different this year. I was once a serene lamb and a kid — Today I’m a predatory tiger and wolf. I’ve been a dove and I’ve been a gazelle — Today I don’t know what I am. 

Israel isn’t the only target of this Haggadah.  J-Street and its cohorts claim to be more moral than God Himself.

The ten plagues have always been an embarrassment for Jewish liberals and leftists. Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart when he could have softened it, set the Israelites on their march much sooner, and avoided the terrible suffering of the Egyptian people?
So we dip a finger and spill the wine in order to reduce our pleasure in Egyptian pain. But it would be better to focus on the pain and think about the possibility of a different deliverance. History is not determined. Imagine a God who knew the Geneva Convention and directed his plagues only against Pharaoh and his officials. Imagine a Pharaoh who fell under the influence of his adopted son Moses. Imagine a general strike of the Israelites, joined, perhaps, by other inhabitants of the “house of bondage.” There are many ways out of a bad situation, many alternatives for both the oppressed and the oppressors to think about.

But there is a fifth child:
A caring one.
What does the caring one say?
“What is God that He is moved only by the suffering of the Israelites and not by the suffering of the Egyptians?” 

I think that the people who put together this sick excuse for a Haggadah fit quite well as one of the other sons listed there. After all, who is separating themselves from the nation more than the people who pretend to be more moral than everyone else?

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