January 21, 2019

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It is all about Israel


As I was looking at articles in Argentina about the soccer controversy, I came across a pithy anecdote mentioned by a writer for La Nacion, Andrés Malamud:

“The problem in the Middle East is that Israel is a racist state.” With the theater full, the phrase is received without ovations or whistles. After all, Portugal is “a country of gentle customs”. Here they never shout much, neither in favor nor against. Ilan Pappé, an Israeli historian who is self-exiled in England for being a critic of his country, finishes the speech and begins the round of questions. I raise my hand before anyone else and inquire if there is any state in the Middle East that is not racist. His response deafened an audience that was already silent: “that’s not the problem”.

The problem is not racism. The problem is Israel. It is understood.

There you have the entire arena of double standards, delegitimization and demonization against Israel in a single sentence.

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