December 16, 2018

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Israeli scout uniforms sold in Saudi Arabia, hilarity ensues

A Saudi citizen was shocked – shocked! – to see what appeared to him to be an Israeli army uniform being sold in Jizan:

Being the good citizen he is, he filed a complaint to the Ministry of Trade and Investment.
The official spokesman of the Saudi Ministry of Commerce, Abdul Rahman Al Hussein, stressed that “the regulatory authorities punish any illegal activity, and will be investigating to complete the procedures and the imposition of systematic penalties.”
An Arabic Twitter account called “An Urgent Event”, followed by more than 2 million people, said the Ministry of Commerce had arrested shop owners selling clothing bearing Israeli flags in Riyadh as well and threatening them with deterrent penalties.
As can be seen, the clothing was meant for Israeli Scouts.
Apparently, the sweep of clothing stores also resulted in finding these offensive pajamas that included an Israeli flag among many others:
Yes, evil smiley face Israeli flags!
Saudis immediately assumed that these clothes were being imported by Prince Salman in order to normalize relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. 
This seems logical to them – because as Arabs well know, you have to start by brainwashing the kids, right?

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