July 9, 2020

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Israeli Election 2020: Did You Vote Yet?

It is midday here in Israel and the third time Israelis go to the polls to try to elect a majority after two earlier, unsuccessful attempts. This, in many respects, is the proof that Israel is a democracy: We have equal numbers of people on the right and on the left. We are split straight down the middle. And that is allowed!

How wonderful is that after centuries of repression in Russia, Poland, Germany? Syria, Morocco, and Spain?? We get to disagree. With the government and with each other. With anyone we damned well please!

That is what we express with our vote: that it’s good to have an opinion and it’s even better to be able to express it with your vote.

And I vote to use this liberty to strengthen the right.

It’s not yet time for someone to take over from Bibi. And Gantz is capable of great damage on a scale of which I do not even want to dream, God forbid.

So I got up early and I voted for Bibi.

Because the alternative is Gantz.

In Israel we have a saying, “Hold your nose and vote for Bibi.”

That’s what I did.

And that is my right.

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