September 25, 2022

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Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions supports demolishing SOME houses

You can’ t make this up.

Someone forwarded me the latest (and last) newsletter from the  Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, ICAHD. The organization says that it is closing its Israel operations:

 For various reasons – refusing to NGO-ify ICAHD and turn it into a domesticated organization doing the donors’ bidding; losing young Israeli activists who prefer limited and reactive actions on the ground to strategic and systematic (but, granted, less adrenaline-generating) work within an organization; and, perhaps primarily, the inability of our critical Palestinian and Israeli partners to formulate our version of a just solution and develop the mechanisms for effectively advocating for it – we closed our office in Jerusalem and shifted our advocacy efforts to our chapters abroad: the UK, Germany, Finland, the US and Australia.

But before they disappear from the Israeli scene, they proved that they are hypocrites in the purest sense of the word.

Commenting on the UNSC Resolution 2334, they write:

 The vote has no immediate repercussions. It doesn’t contain sanctions on Israel for ignoring and violating it — which the Israeli government has already says [sic]  it will. The only genuinely effective way to end settlement construction and all other Israeli attempts to make the Occupation permanent is to enforce the the Geneva Convention, which would dismantle Israeli settlements. 

The Geneva Conventions do not in any way, shape or form demand the demolition of Israeli settlements!  This is pure fiction from the mind of ICAHD founder Jeff Halper.

But it shows that the high and mighty moralists from ICAHD don’t care about demolishing houses – if Jews own the houses being demolished. They don’t care about homeless people – if the homeless people are Jews.

ICAHD doesn’t want to see Jews and Arabs living together in an Arab state of Palestine. The very same people who demand that Israel’s (quite legal and quite limited) house demolitions of illegally built homes and homes of terrorists be considered a war crime explicitly advocate the demolition of the homes of Jews in Judea and Samaria.

Can there be a purer demonstration of hypocrisy, and of how little these anti-Israel activists truly care about human rights?

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