May 22, 2024

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Israel-sanctioned Turkish NGO regularly publishes pure antisemitism

Mirasimiz is a Turkish NGO that operates in Jerusalem, and calls itself the Association for the Preservation of Ottoman Heritage in and Around Jerusalem. According to an article in Daily Sabah about it last year, their spokesperson said, “All the activities carried out by Mirasımız are in accordance with Israeli laws and regulations. The efforts of the waqf focus on protecting the Ottoman culture and heritage in the holy city of Jerusalem.”

Here is the cover of one of their reports:

Yes, a devil disguised as a religious Jew is tipping the scales against the innocent.

They also have a magazine called Minber-i-Aksa. One issue featured this antisemitic cover, whose accompanying article claimed the Star of David is Islamic.

In that same issue was this article entitled  “ISRAEL’S FOOD TERRORISM”:

It claims that Israel monopolized the genetically modified food business, and is selling “killer seeds” that damage the soil, poisoning fields and consumers, so that then Israel could sell them the medicine as part of a sophisticated plan to make more money.

The article goes on to say, “Jews do not hesitate to carry out forbidden transactions and treatments, such as gambling or interest, which they prohibit among themselves in order to harm foreigners.”

Every single issue of the magazine has antisemitic messages. “Jews” are mentioned literally hundreds of times in recent issues! For example:

The Jewish nation is approaching its ambitions step by step… The issue of the Jewish Nation State is the last step taken, followed by the destruction of Al-Aqsa Mosque tomorrow. Jews see themselves as superior race; unfortunately, Jewish lovers do not realize this aspect of Jews… Muslims will understand the Jews and what they want to do if they return to the Qur’an and the hadiths, listen to our Lord’s commandments, the recommendations of our Prophet.

Why is Israel allowing a blatantly antisemitic organization to do work as an apparently credentialed NGO?

(h/t iTi)

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