March 6, 2021

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Israel is doing better than ever. Idiots tying up traffic can’t hurt it.


It’s easy to see the sheer volume of anti-Israel material online and in social media and feel like we are losing.

But when you step back, you can see that the reality is that Israel is winning in every conceivable field.

While the haters scream about “occupation” and “annexation,” Israel continues to grow, get stronger and become more indispensable to the region and the world.

Israel is strong militarily, economically and in innovation. Both Western and third-world nations want to be like Israel. They want to learn from Israel. It really is a “light unto nations.”

Israel is getting closer and closer to the Arab Gulf nations, as they realize that the Palestinian cause is a self-created dead end. While Palestinians make more and more demands on their Arab “brethren,”  Israel offers solutions.

Israel has become a powerhouse in desalination, de-desertification, and water conservation in a dry region. It has a lot to offer to its neighbors. They know this. What can Palestinians offer them? Forcing them to defend terror to the West that they are trying to get closer to?

Israel is the most stable nation in the region, and when Arabs are afraid of Iran hey are turning to Israel to be their protector as well, at least implicitly.

Israel is becoming an exporter of energy, now selling natural gas to Egypt and Jordan.

The moderate Arab nations need Israel, and their support of Palestinians is lip service.

When you look at anti-Israel demonstrations, they do not reflect anything close to reality. Israel is stronger than ever – and more liberal than the socialists leading the hate train.

The volume of the Israel-haters’ sound equipment as they robotically chant “From the river to the sea….”  isn’t a reflection of success. The chants and pro-violence messages are the screams of frustration that they cannot destroy the Jewish state they hate so much.

(based a thread on Twitter)

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