February 21, 2019

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Irony alert: Columbia professor says women’s movement being hijacked by Zionists -and urges Ahed Tamimi posters at every event


I know I shouldn’t be astonished anymore by how much nonsense a person with a PhD can spew, but…I still am.

From the Facebook page of Columbia University Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature Hamid Dabashi:

The Woman’s March has now emerged as a major movement in the US and of course the Zionists have deeply infiltrated it the way they infiltrated the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and sought to twist it to the advantage of Israel —

 I once posted a full page ad by the Black Americans to Support Israel Committee, which was signed by hundreds of prominent African-Americans in support of Israel from Hank Aaron to Andrew Young.

According to Dabashi, they were all duped by Zionists. Which means that Dabashi doesn’t think that African Americans are smart enough to think for themselves.

Yes, that is racism.

Scarlet Johansson is a violent Zionist deeply committed to the systemic theft of Palestine and the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their homeland— she appears on commercials selling Israeli products made on the stolen and occupied Palestinians lands — her appearance on Women’s March rallies deeply compromises the moral authority of the movement —

 “Scarlet Johansson is a violent Zionist”?

Hate to break it to you, Hamid, but movies aren’t real life.

Dabashi  must have considered her Sodastream commercial to be violently funny. Or maybe she is a secret Mossad agent. We’ll have to ask him.

Remember – this guy teaches college students. And gets interviewed on CNN. (And he doesn’t even know how to spell Johansson’s first name.)

A progressive intersectional faction of the Women’s March (far beyond its Arab and Muslim components) must immediately and categorically denounce this pernicious infiltration and appropriation of the movement and insist on raising the picture of Ahed Tamimi in EVERY AND ALL such rallies — if the movement is to have any credibility beyond its Zionist streak —

Dabashi, who is deeply against the supposed infiltration of the women’s movement to Zionism, therefore urges that this very movement be redirected away from feminism to instead talk about Palestinian terror supporter Ahed Tamimi at EVERY event. Which is pretty much the definition of hijacking a movement.

I wonder how someone with zero concept of irony can teach classes on comparative literature.

Zionists are master thieves— they steal Palestinian land and culture, they steal Jewish history and heritage, and they steal every progressive movement to twist it to their advantage— beware!

Yes, more sober analysis from a scholar. Eating falafel is cultural theft if you happen to be Jewish in Israel. Giving Gaza away for free is “theft.” I don’t have any idea of what he means by stealing Jewish history – from whom? The Neturei Karta guy that is also on his Facebook page?

 I wonder if Dabashi considers building mosques on the sites of the Jewish Temples, churches, Hindu temples and other non-Muslim places of worship to be cultural theft. Might be a good topic for his pseudo-scholarship.

(h/t Campus Reform)

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