December 8, 2023

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Iraqi writer: The Simpsons’ Jewish/Masonic creator gives hints to future events in the show

Noor Karim al Tai is an Iraqi opinion writer who has a BA in English language and literature.

She has discovered that the Simpsons TV show has predicted 9/11, the Trump presidency, the Ebola virus and much more.

Essentially, she saw a YouTube video that showed 10 of these “predictions” (there are other places on the Internet that show various lists.)

For example, here is “proof” that the Simpsons’ writers knew the date of the 9/11 attacks in 1997:

See how the World Trade Center forms the 11?

Noor did her “research” and discovered that not only did the Jews withdraw bomb-sniffing dogs from the World Trade Center on September 6, 2001, but they also didn’t come to work on 9/11.

Noor knows that Simpsons creator Matt Groening is a Jew, which would explain why he knows about events like 9/11 in advance. But he is also a Freemason, as her research showed, almost certainly from this other YouTube video whuch proves it from the secret Masonic gesture that Groening uses as he adjusts his glasses in this photo:

The writer suggests that Jews and Masons simply love putting these hints in plain sight.

In fact, she is so convinced that the Simpsons are the key to knowing about future events that she started watching all the episodes. She is only up to season 2, so it will tale a while.

Amazing how these evil masterminds of world domination can’t keep a damn secret.

I emailed her asking if she really believes this stuff, but unfortunately I didn’t receive a reply.

It is one thing when crackpot conspiracy theorists use the Internet to spread their bizarre views. But forget “fake news” – many Arab writers consistently seek out the craziest conspiracy theories from any source to blame their own problems on the unseen puppetmasters rather than taking responsibility for their own situation.

(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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