January 18, 2021

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Iraqi newspaper praises Israel


An Iraqi columnist asks why Iraq can’t be more like Israel.

Khudair Tahir writes:

The State of Israel has achieved a political miracle at all levels to the point where it has exported to Europe and America its technology and shares military plans with them.

The miracle of Israel was achieved thanks to honest politicians and heroes who loved their country and sacrificed for it, and presented creative ideas for it and did everything for the purpose of progress.

In 1924, 24 years before the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel, the Jewish community established a university and a research institute in the present Land of Israel, it established an  army and various institutions and it was ready at the moment of the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel. …

In Israel, they have achieved a miracle within a miracle. The community has achieved the highest degree of success in teamwork. You find Jewish institutions operating in different parts of the world….We don’t hear about disagreements and struggles for leadership and theft of public money.

Another miracle is the Israeli patriotism, which blended religion with politics and employed it to serve the interests of the country. The Israeli reached the peak of feeling of national belonging and sacrifice, imagining the Jews leaving their work and  original homeland in Europe and America and joining the army to perform military service and then returning to their native country.

By the way, the daughter of US President Trump is Jewish and persuaded his wife to change her Christian religion to Judaism. Although he is a US citizen, he has traveled to Israel to serve in Israel. He serves as president’s adviser several times a day.

The question is: Why did not Iraq produce sovereign national politicians like Israeli politicians?
My personal opinion after seeing the failure of the Iraqis and Arabs residing in Europe, America, Canada and Australia to absorb and digest the civilization …. they have a lack of respect for the law and democracy and public freedoms and their lack of values ​​of sincerity and honor of belonging to these countries to credit them …

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