April 13, 2021

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Iranian video of "flooding Israel" is not only antisemitic – it shows that Iran doesn’t give a damn about Jerusalem

MEMRI translated this video from an Iranian production company illustrating the phrase,  “If Every Muslim Were to Pour One Bucket of Water, Israel Would Be Washed Away.”
No media gets released from Iran without Iranian government approval.
The fedoras floating on the water show beyond a doubt that Iran is antisemitic, as they are yearning to see tens of thousands of haredi Jews – who are generally not avid Zionists – drowned.  
Here’s Iran’s “chief Rabbi” denouncing Israel and Zionism
He’s wearing the hat of the people Iran wants to see dead.

But the scene also shows the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa Mosque along with it to be underwater. The video is essentially saying that the “third holiest site in Islam” is dispensable as long as a few million Jews are killed at the same time.

You cannot get more antisemitic than to want to sacrifice your own holy sites just to get rid of Jews.

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