January 25, 2022

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Iran media uses "Jewish" Hollywood disaster flick as proof that the US/Israel are causing deadly floods


Geostorm is a very forgettable 2017 disaster movie where satellites that control the weather on Earth are hacked and evil people use them to attack cities. Or something like that.

Iranian media thinks it is a blueprint for what the Jews and the US are doing to Iran.

Iran’s Tasnim News Agency has an article asking “is the recent flooding (in Iran) intentional?” It starts off with:

Recently, on the advice of a friend, we have finished thoroughly examining the 2017 American GeoStorm movie. The movie is the product of Warner Bros. The company, founded 101 years ago, was founded in 1918 by four Polish- born and Jewish brothers in the United States named Harry, Sam, Albert and Jack; and many of its products have a “futuristic” look, or better, a “predictive” look. Analysts and film makers are aware that  the vast majority of US programs and agenda are behind the scenes, and are aligned with these programs, and they make films for specific purposes….Apart from form and content, the Geostorm film gives us a special message: “The United States has a specific program for manipulating the climate.” 

Yes, the Jewish Hollywood industry is making movies to broadcast to the world their nefarious plans of world domination. What fun would it be if they kept those plans secret?

The article notes that Iranians had previously accused Israel of causing a drought in Iran by sending special non-rain clouds, and when world media ridiculed them a top Iranian meteorologist said that no one can control the weather.

But the authors of this news agency article insist that the chances of 7 consecutive days of rain on the dates that the rain occurred are an astronomical 1 in 160 trillion. So you do the math!

The author reluctantly admits that there is a tiny chance that the floods come from Mother Nature, but he says it is foolhardy not to research the probability that Israel and the US (“foreigners”) are behind Iran’s flooding disaster. He even shows his calculations so they must be true.

Tasnim is associated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, which were criticized by Iran’s government for not doing enough to prepare for national disasters..

Interestingly, the floods came only days after Iran’s president urged all Iranians to “put all your curses” on the US and Israel.

Allah has a wicked sense of humor.




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