September 26, 2020

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Iran continues to send money to Hezbollah as its economy falls apart

Al Arabiya, quoting the Ava Today website, reports that while the Iranians are suffering from a deteriorating economic situation , and Iranians are protesting, the Revolutionary Guards are continuing to export huge amounts to terror groups that are loyal to it, especially Hezbollah in Lebanon.

While opinion polls conducted by the Iranian Student Foundation revealed that more than two million Iranian families did not eat red meat at all during the year, due to declining purchasing capabilities and high poverty rates in the country, the IRGC, in cooperation with the Central Bank, exploited the national identity number of citizens and issued forged passports in their names. Since citizens are allowed to bring a certain amount of foreign currency out of the country for travel, this is apparently how Iran is hiding its transfer of funds to Hezbollah, by pretending that the smugglers are just tourists visiting Lebanon or Syria on Mahan Airlines using names of people who have no idea they officially went out of Iran.


(h/t Ibn Boutros)

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