March 26, 2019

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International scouting conference in Tunisia to promote tolerance bans Israelis

The World Forum of Interfaith Dialogue Ambassadors, sponsored by the Organization of Muslim Scouts and taking place starting today in Tunisia, will not allow any Israelis to attend.

The Republican Party of Tunisia appealed to the Tunisian High Court to ensure that no Israelis could step foot in Tunisia, and the Court agreed. There were rumors that a single Israeli delegate would arrive via Paris.

The Scouts didn’t deny that they invited the Israeli but commended the Court decision and emphasized their full support for Palestinians.

The conference’s materials claim that the conference is open to any members of the World Religions Forum, World Scouts Organizations and national representatives of scouting organizations.

The topics of the sessions, ironically, include “dialogue between civilizations” and “promotion of the culture of tolerance.”

The international scouting movement claims that “Scouting should reflect the societies in which it exists and actively work to welcome all individuals without distinction. This diversity should not only be reflected in the membership, but also the methods and programmes used within the Movement.”

Israel is a member of the world scout organization.

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