March 26, 2019

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Interesting initiative for Diaspora Jews to lease land in Israel to perform mitzvot

Of the many mitzvot (commandments) given to Jews in the Torah, quite a few can only be done in Israel. Examples include “terumot and maasarot” (setting aside some of the produce of the land), “shmitta” (letting the land lie fallow once every seven years,) “leket” (leaving some of the harvest for the poor,) and others.

An interesting initiative named Kinyan Eretz Yisrael allows ordinary Jews worldwide to lease a small plot of land that is either part of a wheat field or a vineyard (there are different mitzvot that apply to either type of field) and to ask the farmers to act as a proxy to perform these mitzvot on their behalf.

Up to 28 mitzvot can be fulfilled in this way.

Many Jews love to have the opportunity to perform more mitzvot, and this initiative also allows Jews to have a personal stake in the Land of Israel, literally. Anything that ties Diaspora Jews to Israel is a good thing!

The plans range in price from $98 to $590, depending on what land is leased and how long the lease applies.

Full disclosure: joining this initiative through this link will also benefit EoZ.

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