December 5, 2020

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Interactive version of The Official EoZ Intersectionality Victimhood Calculator

I recently unveiled an algorithm to determine what people or groups of people have the highest “victimhood” scores, which in today’s environment means that those with higher scores are  automatically considered more righteous than those with lower scores. Read there for details on how it works.

Thanks to L. King, I can now present an interactive version of the calculator, where you simply check off the categories that apply to whoever you want to rank and it will calculate the total!


Trans 8
Black 8
First Nations 7
Woman 6
Gay 6
Muslim 5
Arab or other Middle Eastern            5
Hispanic 4
Disabled, pregnant 4
Anti-Zionist Jew 4
Wears hijab 2
Palestinian 2
Asian American 1
White -1
Republican or conservative -3
Christian (white only) -3
Jew -3
Visibly religious Jew -3
Jewish settler -6
Identifies proudly as Zionist -8
Trump Supporter -8
White nationalist/new Nazi -18

Total score:

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