September 25, 2020

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In case you missed it: Recent notable EoZ articles

Here are some notable recent EoZ articles:

The biggest Israel-related story of the decade that no one (right or left) wants you to know

Why are prominent British Zionists so willing to push the fake Palestinian narrative?

UK diplomat admits “second half of Balfour” doesn’t exist – but it SHOULD

Where are all the predicted NYC anti-Muslim hate crimes after the terror attack?

Three months after riots, Israel quietly reinstalls cameras at entrances to Temple Mount

“If UNRWA goes, the refugee issue is over”

“Shlomo Shekelberg” and using Jews as a political football

J-Street U says being against the Jewish State’s existence is “nuanced debate”

Fact-free British columnist looks forward to Israel’s destruction

Academic fraud Joseph Massad claims Ashkenazic Jews are really European

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