February 21, 2019

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How Israel-haters like Lynn Gottlieb prove that the IDF is moral


Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb, an “anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian lefty Jew” as described by Mondoweiss, is interviewed by that site and proves the exact opposite of what she intends:

What is your impression of the reaction to Ahed Tamimi’s slapping of an Israeli soldier?

Gottlieb: The response to Ahed Tamimi’s slap by many Jewish people reveals the sexist and racist attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that impact a large portion of the Jewish community. The vile accusations against this child are stunning. Their purpose is to flip the script on Palestinian suffering and blame the victim instead of assuming responsibility.

I wonder: who would not slap a soldier after years of trauma as a result of recurring night invasions, administrative detentions with no possibility for justice or a fair hearing, daily destruction of village houses, and direct assaults, one of which targets your cousin in the head?

If the IDF was indeed an army that had no moral compass, then slapping a soldier should result in an instant fatal gunshot. Hell, no soldier on the planet outside of Israel would stand there and let a young woman physically assault him without reaction. They would defend themselves by hurting or killing the attacker.

The question isn’t who wouldn’t slap a soldier – but who would slap a soldier? Nobody on Earth except for Palestinians, who can act with such impunity because they know, first hand, that Israeli soldiers do not target civilians even when provoked.

And to say that for the girl to be arrested for assault – captured on tape – is sexist and racist? That is beyond stupid. It is just throwing keywords at the wall and seeing what her leftist buddies will think sticks.

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