February 16, 2019

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How deluded is the Jewish left?


I wrote last week about Jerome Segal, an apparently aging hippie and founder of the Jewish Peace Lobby, who is upset that J-Street is not endorsing him against fellow Democrat Ben Cardin, and who had hoped that he could raise $5 million from J-Street.

If you thought he was on ‘shrooms beforehand, wait for this.

He sent out another email where he quoted my entire article, not distinguishing between my quoting him and my making fun of him, so his readers have no clue what I really wrote. (And no link to my article so they could see it for themselves. What are you afraid of, Jerry? Actually, I think that he simply doesn’t know how to use links.

He quoted me in order to galvanize whoever bothers reading his screeds, saying:

Segal has appealed these decisions, made by J-street President Jeremy Ben-Ami to the J-Street Board, all of which has delighted the right wing organizations. Thus one blogger group that calls themselves “the elders of Zion,” wrote: “Nutty peacenik upset that J-Street won’t endorse him for Congress”

After quoting my entire article in a way that no one could actually read it, he writes:

 All this gave Dr. Segal a big laugh. He predicted that 100,000 Palestinians will write to the citizens of Maryland asking them to Vote: Jerry in the Ben or Jerry Primary, and it will swing the election.

Yes, Jerome Segal believes that 100,000 Palestinians will write to the citizens of Maryland to ask them to vote for him – and this will help him win.

I predict that zero Palestinians will write to citizens of Maryland on behalf of Jerry Segal.

Let’s see who’s closer.

Seriously – this poor deluded man is one of the founders of the “peace” movement.

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