March 26, 2019

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Here’s news you won’t read anywhere: Gaza’s power plant can run at FULL CAPACITY given enough fuel

B’Tselem writes in a January backgrounder:

Israel prevents the repair and restoration of the power station it bombed in 2006, keeping it from operating at full capacity.

 The people who run the Gaza power plant disagree.

From the Palestine Electric Company 2016 Report:

Palestine Electric Company was invited to participate in an open meeting held in Gaza by the Palestinian Institute of Communication and Development, titled “ The facts behind the electricity crisis in Gaza strip” on 8 March 2017, which brought together all parties interested in inquiring about any aspect related to the power plant’s technical performance, government agreements, signed contracts, company vision and goals and financial matters.

The purpose of this important meeting was to clarify any matter that has been mishandled by the local media in recent affairs amidst many unjustified claims. Palestinian press and media were invited to record and take notes of the happenings.

PEC’s Executive Managing Director was happy to answer all questions along with the power plant’s managers of the different departments. Palestine Electric Company has always advocated full transparency in all its affairs from inception to date.

The following are the main points that were highlighted and discussed:
– The clarification that the power plant is capable of generating the full capacity of 140MW if fuel is available.
The company is very vigilant in carrying out the necessary maintenance work on a regular basis to ensure the continuity and peak performance of the power plant at all times.

The report says that the power plant has been able to provide its full capacity since February 2015. Not half capacity, as Gisha and other NGOs insist – full capacity.

Whether Gaza’s electricity infrastructure can handle the full 140 MW is a different question. It is also unclear whether the fuel tank damaged by an errant Israeli shell in July 2014 has been fully repaired. But all of the media and NGOs that claim that Israel is to blame for the power plant not operating at full capacity are, quite simply, lying. The only real limitation, with the report makes quite clear, is lack of fuel, and Israel pumps all the fuel that is paid for (which is at the moment, zero, because of infighting between Hamas and Fatah.)

B’Tselem and Gisha, not to mention the numerous other NGOs and media that depend on these biased sources, are not telling the truth – because they want everything to be blamed on Israel.

(h/t Irene)

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