July 11, 2020

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Heads up for next libel: Hamas cuts all exports from Gaza to stop local price gouging


The UN and other agencies keep track of Gaza’s exports every month. The last UN OCHA-OPT report was for December.

If the number of trucks goes down, Israel-haters use that as ammunition to say that Israel is blocking Gaza exports and trying to keep Gazans in misery.

So here’s a heads-up: Hamas just blocked all exports of agriculture from Gaza.

The undersecretary of the ministry of agriculture in Gaza, Ibrahim Al-Qudra, announced the end of exports of all agricultural products from the Gaza Strip to foreign markets, in order to prevent the local merchants to raise prices on produce as apparently they have been doing.

Gaza vegetable sellers were price gouging customers and, to prevent a panic, Hamas decided to flood the local market with the produce that nornally would be sold in the West Bank and elsewhere.

This means that exports are going down to zero. And when those figures are released, will they come with an explanatory note that it was Hamas that decided to stop exports, or will it be assumed to be an arbitrary Israeli decision to hurt Gazans?

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