April 23, 2019

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Hamas trying to re-establish terrorist cells in West Bank


Sometimes we forget to read how Palestinians themselves think. Here’s an article cheering the continuation of armed terrorism in the West Bank from a Hamas newspaper. Keep in mind that there are a lot of Hamas-oriented newspapers and that they reflect the thinking of roughly half the Palestinians, they are not “terror newspapers” but they are normal media with editorials and articles and sports and weather that take a pro-terror viewpoint.

From Al Resalah:

Palestinian resistance activists in the West Bank continue their attempts to establish a position in the Palestinian arena, despite the resistance being subjected to desperate attempts by the occupation and the Authority to narrow and eradicate them.

The resistance fighters have been able to carry out three shootings since last Tuesday from the city of Ramallah, and the resistance withdrew from the place of implementation safely, sending  messages that the resistance remains and will not die.

A spokesman for the Israeli army said that last night, shots were found in the direction of the settlement of Beit El, which is located on the land northeast of Al-Bireh.

According to the army spokesman, the operation is the second in a matter of days and that the army is searching for the perpetrators.

The resistance had carried out an operation in the same place last Tuesday and managed to withdraw from the place safely, there were no casualties in the ranks of the enemy.

In the same context, the resistance carried out last Friday a similar shooting at the Beituniya checkpoint, without causing injuries to the occupation.

Two days ago, the Israeli media released a video showing the targeting of a settler vehicle near the town of Jatt in the Nablus district, in a homemade bomb, without any talk of casualties.

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