February 20, 2019

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Hamas to evict 2500 Gazans from their homes. NGOs freaking out. (Just kidding!)


Hamas has announced that 150 homes in the area of the old “American School” in Gaza will be razed.

2500 people will become homeless.

The neighborhood will be bulldozed and the land given for free to Hamas employees, probably in compensation for not receiving their full salaries. Hamas has done that before.

For comparison, Israel demolished 125 illegally built homes in the West Bank in all of 2015, according to B’Tselem, with far fewer people becoming displaced. (The counts of the homes Israel demolishes are often counted several times over the years as NGOs, often from Europe, rebuild the same illegal homes multiple times.)

The many NGOs who monitor the horror of Palestinians having their homes demolished have very little to say when they are not demolished by Israel.

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