June 17, 2019

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Hamas says Jews didn’t buy any land in British Mandate Palestine – "they stole it"


Hamas spokesman Sami Abo Zuhri spoke at a seminar organized by Turkey’s Al-Quds Awareness Association in  Ankara to mark the centennial of the Balfour Declaration.

Among the lies he spouted came a new one: The Arabs in Palestine did not sell their land to the Jews in the early part of the 20th century, but took the land by force.

He elaborated that it was actually the British who took the land from the Palestinians by force and gave it to the Jews.

His proof?

“It is impossible that the Arabs would  flee and leave their land or sell it to the Jews.”

Just as you would expect, rock-solid proof.

Ten years ago I  published an entire, lengthy timeline from a Hamas site of “Palestinian history.” It is always good for some laughs.

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