October 4, 2022

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Hamas offers to export Qassam rockets to any Arabs willing to shoot them at Israel


Hamas official Fathi Hammad said that the terror group is s ready to export Qassam rockets to Arab armies in order “to fight the Zionist entity.”

Hammad said that the rocket is comparable in quality to those produced by other international military rocket factories.

Exporting them might be a little difficult, since any exports would have to go through either Israel, through tunnels to Egypt or through the heavily-patrolled sea.  Egypt would not take kindly to any rockets being smuggled into the Sinai while the army battles the Islamic State there.

Hammad didn’t discuss the logistics of the budding Gaza export program.

Perhaps some human rights NGO can help them out in the name of opening up the borders of Gaza.

During his exclusive interview on Al-Aqsa Satellite Channel, Hammad emphasized – contrary to countless Western apologists for the terror group –  that the main objective of the Hamas movement is to “liberate the entire territory of Palestine.”

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