July 24, 2019

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Google’s AI can’t tell the difference between Hamas and Jewish "peace groups"


If you search for “Jewish peace organizations” on Google, its algorithm provides you with all the groups it feels you are most likely asking for, based on Google’s analysis of their websites and articles.

Here’s what Google provides as the answer:

After “Jewish Voice for Peace” and J-Street, it lists the Palestinian National Authority – and Hamas.

 If you look at the Hamas webpage in English, it looks startlingly like one of the Jewish “peace groups.” And it is no coincidence that Hamas in English emphasizes “rights” and “justice” while in Arabic it stresses martyrdom and violence.

Indeed, these “peace organizations” have a lot in common with Hamas. They all cynically use the language of  “rights” and “justice”  to weaken or destroy the Jewish state.

They don’t care about peace or rights or justice for Jews in Israel. They only care about rights and “justice” for Palestinian Arabs – where the Palestinians themselves are the judge and jury, ready to veto anything but their maximal demands. Of course Hamas has a lot in common with these pseudo-Jewish “peace” organizations!

(h/t DefendingCanada)

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