February 16, 2019

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German news site describes Israel destroying a Hamas terror tunnel as IDF "violence"


German news outlet ZDF covers the story of Israel destroying a Hamas tunnel meant to kidnap and bomb Israelis as an example of more “violence” (Gewalt.)

The violence on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip does not stop. Israel is destroying another Hamas tunnel, but is more cautious [this time.]

Israel’s army has claimed to have destroyed another attack tunnel of Gaza-ruling Hamas. The tunnel has reached tens of meters into Israeli territory, said army spokesman Jonathan Conricus. It is the fifth tunnel of this kind that Israel has destroyed in recent months.

No explosives were used in the destruction, Conricus said. In the destruction of a similar tunnel last October, twelve Palestinians were killed.

Yes, what a cycle of violence. Hamas builds tunnels to kill Israelis and Israel destroys them.

Oy gevalt.

In case the bias of commission wasn’t egregious enough, note the bias of omission: The 12 (really 14) people killed when the tunnel was destroyed in October were all Islamic Jihad and Hamas terrorists. But to ZDF, they are implied to be civilians. (The impression one gets from reading this story is thatIsrael is “more cautious” because it doesn’t want to kill as many civilians this time)

(h/t Petra)

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