January 20, 2019

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Gazans say they want to march en masse to Israel


Palestine Today reports that there are articles and social media posts encouraging a new kind of “resistance” –  a massive march of Gazans towards Israel.

The movement is called “The Great Return March” and it has a Facebook page. The goal is to get “millions” of Gazans to march towards Israel.

After all, they say, Israel does not know how to defend itself against thousands of humans.

One advocate of the march, Akram Atallah, says, “Israel has prepared itself for all wars, but not the possibility of confronting a flood of human beings.”

The implication is that Israel would never kill Gaza civilians who don’t pose a threat to life. But they won’t say that part out loud.

Also, they forget that Palestinians have tried this before. In 2011, protesters from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Gaza and the West Bank tried to simultaneously enter Israel on “Nakba Day.” A few hundred from Gaza were deterred when Israel fired some rounds towards them; one was reportedly killed. The Lebanese, Egyptian and Jordanian armies actively stopped the marchers from their borders.

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