February 23, 2019

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Gazans putting injured people on a rickety boat to be captured by Israel


Today, a Gaza group called National Authority for Return and Breaking the Siege in Gaza is putting Gazans injured during the current weekly riots on a boat in a publicity stunt.

They are pretending to try to sail to Cyprus, but they are barely pretending. They want Israel to intercept the boat and then they will try to gain world headlines about cruel Israeli practices of stopping injured people from going on a journey that would probably harm the passengers more than the capture would.

This is the second such voyage from this group. The first one was in May, Israel intercepted the boat (originally planned to be a flotilla,) and outside the region no one showed any interest.

The group is also demanding the release of the captain of the first boat, who is still being held by Israel.

Since the entire point of these things is publicity, and the first one didn’t generate any, it’s entirely possible that one of the passengers is deathly ill and wants to die for the cause of gaining world headlines and making Israel look bad. It isn’t as if this sort of thing hasn’t happened before.

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