August 4, 2020

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Gazans protest cuts in prisoner "salaries"

The Palestinian Authority did seem to cut or reduce the “salaries” of some terrorist prisoners – the salaries of the prisoners from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

There was a protest today in Gaza by the Mujahat al-Quds and the Department of Women ‘s Action for the Islamic Jihad movement protesting the cuts of prisoner salaries by the Palestinian Authority.

The prisoners held banners saying “The prisoner’s salary is a right, not a gift. Give our prisoners their rights, don’t starve the sons of the prisoners in Israeli jails. Shouldn’t you reward my father who sacrificed his freedom for his homeland?”

It called on the Palestinian Authority to reconsider the allocation of prisoners’ allowances as a basic and legitimate right for them and their families. It insisted that the PA not keep all political differences away from the subject of paying terrorist salaries.

It seems that the PA made these cuts in order to further punish Hamas and other Gaza terror groups, but also to show the West that, see, it doesn’t support all terrorist salaries. Only the ones from the terrorists on the side of the Palestinian Authority – their heroes.

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