March 26, 2019

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Gazans hold demonstration in support of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah

Gazans demonstrated today in support of the regime that gasses its own people.

A group of people in Gaza City denounced the US-led raids on Syria on Friday night, calling them “continued violations by the US administration on the sovereignty of the Arab countries.”

They said that Syria will remain steadfast in the face of evil and terrorism practiced by the US, Britain and France.

Flags from Syria, Iran and Hezbollah were waved.

Hamas does not allow demonstrations that go against its own positions.

One of many ironic points made by speaker Talal Abu Zarifa was that “this aggression is an attack on international law against a member of the General Assembly of the United Nations.”

Israel is also a member of the General Assembly.

This pro-Assad chant, although in Arabic, sounds exactly like the mindless leftist demonstrations one sees in Western college campuses.

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