March 19, 2019

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Gazans claim Israel deliberately set "return" tents, tires on fire

Gaza media is quoting “witnesses”claiming that a fire that broke out at one of the sites of today’s planned riots was deliberately set by an Israeli aircraft.

According to these claims, an Israeli drone fired on a tent and a pile of tires in Al Kushuk near the Zayel fence east of Rafah this morning, hours ahead of the planned riots.

The media says that the fire was large before Gaza firefighters could extinguish it.

Photos don’t seem to show such a large fire.

It seems more likely that some Gazan accidentally set the fire and decided to blame Israel. Yet even if for some reason Israel decided to go after a single set of tents out of scores of such tents near the border, it is ironic to see Gazans complaining about someone deliberately setting fires, or complaining that Israel burned their tires before they had a chance to do it themselves.

Other news reports indicate that incendiary balloons and kites will be a major part of Friday’s planned riots in Gaza – along with a play saying that Israelis are like Nazis.

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