February 23, 2020

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Gaza cancer patient and her sister try to smuggle explosives into Israel for Hamas


From JTA:

Two Palestinian sisters attempting to cross into Israel from the Gaza Strip so that one could receive cancer treatment were caught smuggling explosives.

The explosives, used in the production of homemade bombs, were hidden in tubes carried by the women labeled “medical materials,” the Shin Bet security service said in a statement issued Wednesday evening, hours after the women were stopped at the Erez Crossing.

The sisters were approved for entry into Israel so that one could receive potentially life-saving treatment for her illness.

According to the Shin Bet statement, a preliminary investigation showed that the explosives were sent by Hamas be used in a terrorist attack on Israeli targets in the “near future.”

This story tells us a lot.

It shows (yet again) that Hamas is willing to endanger Palestinians – current and future medical patients – for a chance to murder Jews.

It shows (yet again) that humanitarian aid is  being used by Hamas for terror.

But perhaps more importantly, it shows why Hamas can do this with impunity.

Because this story is virtually unreported outside Israel.

When Israel places restrictions on Gazans crossing the border, dozens of NGOs jump all over the story and ensure that the issue gets worldwide coverage.  But the same NGOs (like Gisha) are silent when Hamas cynically uses Israeli goodwill as a weapon to try to kill Jews.

Hamas knows that there is very little downside to these smuggling attempts because there is no publicity, and when there is no publicity there is no shame. When there is no shame, there is no disincentive to callously disregard human lives for those who live in an honor-shame society.

(h/t Zvi)

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