September 25, 2018

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Frightened Waqf confiscates a map of the Second Temple from Christian tour guide

 On Thursday morning,  the Muslim Waqf guards on the Temple Mount seized a map that was being used by am American Christian tour guide to explain where the Second Temple was on the Mount.

Palestinian media reports that  the American was “explaining to some of the intruders of the mosque about the building of the alleged ‘temple’ there.”.

A spokesman for the public relations and information department of the Waqf,  Firas al-Debbs said that “one of the American guides was carrying a map in his hand to explain to a number of those intruders about the establishment of the ‘temple’ in the place of Al Aqsa, but the guards confiscated the map from him.”

The Waqf is actually proud of this. Yet the seizure itself shows how well they know the truth that they are the ones who usurped a Jewish holy site.

Because if they were confident in their narrative, they wouldn’t be threatened by a piece of paper.

It is a shame that the tour guide didn’t go to the media. It was a golden opportunity to highlight the Muslim leaders’ fright of the truth, and it would have put the Waqf on the defensive — they would have to double down on their reasons that a map makes them go crazy, knowing that the western world would ridicule them, which would shame them.

Shame is the best weapon the West has to force  the Waqf to treat visitors with basic respect. Otherwise they will continue to act like toddlers who don’t want to hear the truth..

It is worth repeating that Muslims all freely admitted that the First and Second Temples were on the Temple Mount before 1967. Which is one more reason why people should be especially skeptical when they make claims today – lying in the service of the Umma is not only tolerated but expected.

This is a translation of a 15th century work by a Muslim scholar all about the Jewish Temples.

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