May 20, 2019

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Former ICC prosecutor now helping out university linked to terror

Ma’an reports in Arabic:

Al-Quds University launched the Jerusalem Academy of International Justice as a specialized institute aimed at preparing academic and training programs in the field of litigation before the international criminal law courts and violations of human rights under the auspices of President Mahmoud Abbas. 

The Academy will be based in the Old City of Jerusalem and established by the University of Jerusalem in cooperation with Judge Luis Moreno-Ocampo, the former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, who will supervise it with his expertise in this field. He will be involved with developing and teaching the curriculum. 

Al Quds University is where students regularly  hold pro-Hamas, pro-terror  rallies:

And it allows student groups to promote and celebrate terror, such as this one extolling car ramming attacks and the assassination attempt of Yehuda Glick:
Is this ignorance on the part of Judge Luis Moreno-Ocampo? This seems unlikely. 
Because the ceremony announcing this Jerusalem Academy of International Justice made it clear that the purpose of the academy wasn’t to teach international law, but to weaponize international law against Israel:

Justice Minister Ali Abu Diak, speaking on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas on the importance of launching the academy from Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine, which comes at a crucial stage after the Trump Declaration on Jerusalem, said that the approval of Judge Ocampo to preside over this academy carries a strong message that international justice will not find resonance anywhere in the world if it does not find a place in Palestine and that the principles of justice, justice and law will be achieved only with the accountability and trial of the occupier.

Abbas’ message is explicit: Judge Luis Moreno-Ocampo’s involvement in this initiative is to give legitimacy to political and legal attacks on Israel, and there is no other reason that the center exists.

He is not being duped. He is complicit.

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