December 15, 2018

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Fatah: Israelis are the terrorists, our suicide bombers are the heroes

I wasn’t the only one to notice how Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah was glorifying female terrorists and suicide bombers in celebration of the 53rd anniversary of their first terror attack.

Israel’s PMO Arabic media spokesperson Ofir Gendelman wrote this on Facebook:

Fatah responded by claiming that Israel is the one that glorifies terror attacks like Deir Yassin, and these women are simply martyrs fighting the occupation:

Funny, I never saw any Fatah-style posters glorifying terrorists in any official Israeli site.
So now the children, old men and other civilians murdered by these heroes are “gangs of murderers” that must be “fought.”.
Good to know that Fatah is so public with its moral inversion. Not that any Western media will notice, though. 
Fatah also published a lengthy poem glorifying their heroes. Auto-translate does poorly on poetry but the poem does mention “apes and monkeys drinking whiskey” so it certainly has its share of Jew-hatred.

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