November 30, 2021

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Fatah declares this Friday a "Day of Rage." Just like every Friday.
“I forget – is this the 392nd Day of Rage, or the 393rd?”

The Fatah party, of which Mahmoud Abbas is the leader, has declared this coming Friday to be a “Day of Rage.”  It is also calling for Israeli Arabs to have demonstrations on Tuesday.

Their press release includes lots of references to martyrs and blood, although they can claim that they don’t directly call for violence. But they sure sound like they want violence!

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful ….

O rebellious rebels in the face of the occupiers in all parts of the occupied land, angered in the face of the occupiers and gangs of settlers and we do not have pity on them until we have defeated them from the land of Isra and resisters . Fatah is the owner of the first bullet, which was fired for the sake of Jerusalem and the return of the refugees with the unforgettable blood of martyrs and the wounded and the victim, a thorn in the throat of all the losers since its inception, because its goal is the liberation and the establishment of the state of Palestine .

The Fatah Movement has consistently rejected any violation of the rights of our people baptized by massive sacrifices based on the resolutions of international legitimacy and international law, foremost of which is the right of return of refugees, the right to self-determination and the establishment of an independent and sovereign Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and its rejection of the American position against the rights of our people, The eternal right of our independent Palestinian state or an attempt to violate the right of sacred return through the rumors about the resettlement and the severance of aid funds for UNRWA the witness to uprooting our people from their homes and cities They were defeated by Zionist gangs and deported to exile.

The Fatah movement also affirms that the recent statements by US President Trump is the continuation of his declared war against our people and the promotion of the possibility of launching the so-called deal of the century, which represents the liquidation of our national cause and an insult to the Palestinian people and its leadership and historical rights…we refuse to exchange material support for these rights .

– Tuesday 30/1/2018 will be a day of solidarity with the Palestinian people within the territories occupied in 1948, which will involve marches in all towns and cities and points of contact with the occupation .

– Friday February 2, 2018 is a day of popular anger in all the occupied territories and in the refugee camps and Diaspora and Arab and Islamic capitals and capitals of the world to emphasize that Jerusalem will be only the eternal capital of the independent state of Palestine .

…It is a revolution until victory

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