January 16, 2019

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Fatah and Hamas agree: Murderer of rabbi is a hero


Hamas has declared Ahmad Jarrar, the murderer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach, to be a “martyr” and a hero who followed the footsteps of his terrorist father:

But it isn’t only Hamas who is enamored with Jarrar.

Fatah makes exactly the same point in this poster on its Facebook page:

The caption says “this cub is from that lion,” making it clear that Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah is on the same page as Hamas in supporting the murders of Jews.

And the Fatah logo is on this poster that puts Jarrar at the center of recent “martyrs:”

Interestingly, unlike every other Hamas terrorist, Hamas has de-emphasized any photos of Jarrar holding a weapon. I found this one in a tenth of a second clip in a Hamas video, and apparently it is a photo-illustration:

It is also notable that the numbers of Palestinians who have been going in the streets to defend and support the terrorists that have murdered two Jews recently has dwarfed the number who have been attending Fatah’s “Days of Rage” for Jerusalem.

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